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Roof Maintenance

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We know that homeowners and business owners alike need to conserve resources, and that regular maintenance of your property is one way to get the most out of your investment. That’s why at Sombreros Roofing, LLC we recommend roofing maintenance. When you’re able to get a professional set of eyes on your home’s roof, you can tackle minor repairs before they necessitate total roof replacement.


How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Enabling your building’s roof to live its longest life starts with a comprehensive approach. It takes more than just scanning the surface of your roof for damage or debris, though that is a vital part of regular maintenance. It is just as important to check other various components that make up a functioning roofing system. Effective preventive maintenance can address any potential issues and help your roof last for years to come, saving you time, effort, and money.


What is Preventive Roof Maintenance?

Like any other kind of maintenance program, regular roof maintenance entails a proactive approach to managing your property. Instead of noticing the effects of the problems because they’ve been allowed to develop from a minor to a major issue, the goal is to find the root causes before they are allowed to cause larger damages. Roof maintenance aims to identify possible roof issues before they occur, keeping your roof in optimal working condition and extending its lifespan.


Beyond protecting your investment, regular maintenance will also ensure that your roof and building benefit from both sound structural support and fire prevention.


Develop a Preventive Roof Maintenance Plan

A preventive roof maintenance plan begins with regularity–this needs to be done on a yearly or semi-annual basis, often before and after severe weather seasons. Once you have a date in mind, know that while inspection is vital, using the data collected to then execute a plan is the real goal. When a roofing expert inspects your roof, they will be looking for leaks, faulty or clogged gutters and downspouts, gaps in flashing, and drain blockage. These hazards will all cause water to creep into the structure of the roof, undermining its stability and soundness. Warping, excessive wearing, missing shingles, and other signs of damaged or degraded material are also key signs to look out for.


The roofing professionals at Sombreros Roofing, LLC will do a thorough inspection, and then will work with you to determine if restoration or replacement is the best option. We are happy to provide you with our experienced recommendations to ensure that you can have a solid roof that will continue to provide the protection you expect.


Once our team has done a thorough inspection of your roof and all the components that could contribute to potential issues and hazards, we can take the next step–cleaning. We are happy to clear debris from drainage systems and handle any minor sealing needs. For more in depth cleaning and repair services, we can set up an appointment to return.


Work With Roofing Professionals

Whether you are managing your personal or business property, a preventive approach is always best to prolong the solutions you already have. Taking proactive measures allows you to get in front of an issue before it grows. But sometimes you need a partner. Sombreros Roofing LLC is proud to be your Northwest Illinois provider of expert roofing services. Our team is equipped with the right experience, tools and training to get the job done. Take the first step to resolving your roofing concerns–get in touch with us today!