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Commercial Roofing Installation

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At Sombreros Roofing, LLC we know that a fully operational and safe space is what you need to keep business moving. That’s what we deliver, and you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done, no matter the scale. Get the same level of service you give your clients day in and out. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial roofing services and to schedule your free consultation. Let’s get started!


About Commercial Roofing Installation

As Illinois and Wisconsin weather patterns continue to shift, protection from the elements is more vital than ever. Extreme heat and cold put extra stress on building systems, making it more difficult to efficiently heat and cool. A well-built roof is your first line of defense to help keep the indoor climate comfortable. 

With the right roofing material that’s professionally installed, you’ll lower overall costs and increase comfort levels for employees and customers alike. Ideal indoor conditions will also allow equipment to operate more smoothly. Work with a licensed roofing contractor for quality results that you can trust to last.

Learn about our roofing options and get the ultimate protection for your building today!


Our Process

Business professionals know that commercial applications stand apart from standard residential solutions. The same is true of commercial roofing–profiles, often flat or low-sloped. This means that if a roof is improperly installed, water can pool and damage becomes inevitable. At Sombreros Roofing, LLC we know what’s at stake and we go the extra mile to ensure a solid, functional roof. From beginning to end, we are professional in every sense.

An initial consultation will see our team meeting with you and working together to find the best commercial roofing solution for your specific needs. We’ll inspect your building’s current roof and base our free estimate on the overall condition and a comprehensive cost analysis.

Once we’ve found the right roofing solution for you, we’ll get you a contract that includes customizations unique to your project. After signatures and agreements are made, we’ll break ground and get to work. We’ll do our very best to avoid the inconvenience of construction and work to get your business back up and running.

Following installation, your new roof will receive a thorough inspection. Once we’re satisfied, we want to hear what you think. After some quality communication, and addressing any concerns, we’ll call your project complete.


Get Started on Your Commercial Roofing Project

No matter the type of commercial building you own, we’ll do our utmost to deliver a high-quality roof that’s expertly installed with the greatest care and attention to detail. At Sombreros Roofing, LLC we’re proud to serve customers in both Illinois and Wisconsin communities. From traditional residential shingles and metal roofing to large-scale commercial work, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about our full suite of services.